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Grand Prix

Welcome to Opus Grand Prix - the pinnacle of our offerings within the Opus Events Group. As the premier platform for GP-based events worldwide, Opus GP provides unrivalled trackside hospitality packages and corporate sponsorships at the most sought-after race locations. Experience the thrill of motorsport at its finest with Opus Grand Prix!

At Opus Events, we elevate your Monaco GP experience to unrivaled heights by offering luxurious charter yachts within Zone 1. Immerse yourself in the best track vantage points and indulge in the finest hospitality throughout the GP weekend, as we ensure our clients and esteemed sponsorship partners revel in unforgettable moments.

Join us at Opus Events, and let the magic of Monaco GP take you away in a world of grandeur, sophistication, and top-tier entertainment. Your dream weekend in motorsport awaits - be part of the legend!

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